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Hello Loves ;; i am now MOVED to


i might be on this one for a little while longer

but woo.. ADD ME ON THAT

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sup livejournal = loveeeeee

so anyway i pretty much heart jewl <3 and unfortunetly didnt get to hang out with her yesterdayyy or my kathy <3 or andrea .. but i see her everyday hah jk i heart my dree too<3 and SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for next weekend !!!

movie. yayayayyaay

so i duno who im gonna go see it with yet .. but most prob with the 4 girlies <3

and im attempting to read the fourth book again in one week hah.. i just finished the 3rd already i think the movie def. ruined the book for me. like now the fourth is def. my fave..

i heart harrypotterronweasley and all them and no you just wouldnt understand <3 hah

yay .

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ok i have some things i need to get off my chest. lets make a list shall we?

1. life = pretty good right now... cept for mother never lets me go places

2. because mother never lets me go places my friends get mad. and call me every hmm 30 minutes. (ukwur) and i feel bad saying the same stuff over and over again to them ;; i have limits on how to talk to my mom and i know what the standards are so please dont keep calling me what to tell my mom bc thats a problem ;; it happens a lot and it gets me pretty annoyed and you two probably get annoyed too which is totally understandable

3. ok shut up get over your problems everyone does.

4. everyone is coupling up... its like bleh not working for me.

5. kick dance= no idea.

6. im starting to hate you so bad. like honestly stop whining about your shiznit everyone has it ;; and get over HIM already like he never did anything to you so shut up all he did was like break up with you boohoo. god.

7. and you . stop leaving me out you whore.

8. hes not your boyfriend anymore. so stop already

and i'm keeping it anonymous most of you im sure will find out who is who or what is what and i dont give because.. well i dont =D

so likee friday happy bday to sabina and ben <3

and blah di blah di blah =D
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oh man. im def. excited for thanksgiving and christmas likee nknk <3

so i'm going to change my layout =D yay. and then im going to ask my mom for a job. god. i neeeed one to pay for those presents...

and like no offence but for all of your bdays.. cards bitches =D


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Happy Halloween Loves


anyway... today was pretty fun .. school was school ;; lunch was pretty funny hah everyone likes andreas sister better.. har har har jkjkjkjkjkjkj <33 then today did hw then waited forever for dree kath and taylor to come.. so i just went with alaina and people are generous this year around my area hahahah nknknknk. so then jewl came then those 3 came then blah blah trick or treat alaina left ;; dree kath taylor left then it was me and jewl<3 i love this girl ... OMFG WE GOT SO SCARED AT THIS ONE HOUSE lemme explain....

father was in the car and it was about 7:30 or so and this was a house at the corner of my block jewl was tired i wasnt har (but thats besides the point) and its a pretty scary house. nk nk so we were going to skip it-- BUT THEN this woman says "come and get some candy girls! why did u skip this house" uhm obz. the scary noises and the dark no lights dead bodies hanging kind of thing hah. so then we walk nervously up the walkway ;; and then jewl is clinging on me for dear life.. bc well she repeatedly kept saying "someone is going to pop out" so we're kindly getting our candy the lady is dressed up as a witch "dont worry darlings,.." hah yeah RIGHT... SUDDENLY THIS THING POPS OUT OF NOWHERE JULIANA IS ON TOP OF ME KILLING ME PRACTICALLY WE'RE BOTH SCREAMING AND . it was pretty scary and funny afterwards....


and a bajillion kids just came to my hizzle. har. so yeahhh whatevss.


and i had a GREAT halloween

i forgot to go to megan and kels sorry  =\


but WOOHOO TOMORROW i get to find out whos in kick;; i preform;; and that is my week then ooh noo i have to study for a test wahhhh.

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i pretty much heart halloween <3 so yeah i had a boring time at the party i went to ;; . Im just waiting for tomorrow and tuesday bc TUEDSAY IS WHEN WE'LL FINALLY FIND OUT WHO IS IN THE KICK DANCE AND OUR LAST PERFORMANCE OF OUR HOMECOMEING DANCE. so yeah. and i still am SO confuzzled about plans for halloween god.. and now i have a math project to do. and bleh.